In an Op-Ed article Texas Central CEO Tim Keith reiterates that the company is not looking for state or federal help in building their 240 mile high speed rail line between Dallas and Houston.

In the March 24, 2016 release Keith said......

Thanks to the vision and creativity of our elected and business leaders, Texas has blazed a bright economic trail for the United States and the world. Our economic dynamism and resiliency springs not from good luck but from a committed approach to governing that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit.

The bedrock of this successful partnership is a predictable political climate that promotes business and includes cautious budgeting, limits on spending, fair and relatively low taxes and common-sense regulations. All have allowed entrepreneurs to respond quickly to the free-market by investing in products and services consumers want.

That’s what is happening now with the privately developed high-speed rail project, offering safe, affordable and productive passenger service between North Texas and Houston. The quick, 90-minute trip—including a Brazos Valley stop between College Station and Huntsville—is the latest and greatest example of what the “Texas Model” can achieve.

This is being led by the private sector – it is not a government project. There is no taxpayer funding, contrary to misinformation spread by some individuals. The project does not need, does not want and will not ask for government grants for construction or public money to subsidize operations. The system will be backed by investors’ capital and operate at a profit, based on ridership, revenue and service that meets consumer demand for a superior travel experience.

Let me emphasize one point – the project will never need, ask for or receive any type of taxpayer-funded bailout.

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