June 6, 2024 - KTBS.com -

A NorthEast Texas industrial site is working with Union Pacific Railroad to bring more economic development opportunities to the region.

The TexAmericas Center in Hooks was recently chosen to participate in the Union Pacific focus site program. CEO Scott Norton believes the collaboration with Union Pacific will allow them to recruit more jobs, capital investment opportunities, and new business to the area.

In 2021, the TexAmericas Center received more than $864,000 in federal grant funds to renovate and construct new rail facilities inside the park. Most of the upgrades are currently underway at the 12,000 acre industrial site.

Read more and video: https://www.ktbs.com/news/texarkana/texamericas-center-receives-union-pacific-focus-site-designation/article_658123d6-2441-11ef-8cb3-579aa8716b9c.html

Photo credit: KTBS.com