January 24, 2022 - David Peter Alan, Contributing Editor, Railway Age  -

A landowner in rural Texas is locked in a legal battle with the companies that are planning to build the Texas Central high-speed rail (HSR) project, which would establish a line between downtown Dallas and the intersection of two highways northwest of Houston. Texas Central plans offer a 90-minute trip time point-to-point, using Japanese Shikansen equipment.

James Frederick Miles, the landowner, objected to having a rail line running on his land, especially a high-speed line with all of its infrastructure. When the company want to survey his land, he refused to allow them to do so, claiming that they did not have the authority to make use of his land for the railroad by authority of eminent domain. He sued Texas Central Railroad & Infrastructure, Inc. (TCRI) and Integrated Texas Logistics, Inc. (ITL) (collectively “Texas Central”) to keep them from continuing.

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