April 15, 2022 - Migchalee Gonzalez, ntdaily.com - 

As the seasons shift from sporadic ice storms to torrential downpours and tornado watches, one inconvenience is preparing to live on. Whether by snow or rain, as soon as precipitation finds its way into the forecast, North Texans can expect horrendous road conditions and countless pileups. The current practice of road preparation clearly has not succeeded which in take stresses the need for public transit in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  

DFW is roughly 9,286 square miles in area. This presents a geographic challenge to instilling a public transit system that effectively covers all municipalities within the metroplex. To this day, the largest public transit system in the United States only covers a 5,000 square mile area and serves roughly 15.3 million people (New York City’s MTA). Addressing the expansive nature of the DFW area is often where improvements to public transit begin and end. 

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