October 26, 2022 - KENS-TV / San Antonio -

The proposal would likely expand existing services from San Antonio and add new routes connecting the Rio Grande Valley all the way up to Dallas.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, but one exception to that rule might be train travel. And the more that the Lone Star State grows, the more its newest residents are wondering: Why?

“Suburban commuter or regional rail or even intercity passenger rail. The more people are moving to Texas, the more they’re saying, 'Why don’t we have that kind of system here?'” said Peter LeCody, president Texas Rail Advocates.

Video report from KENS-TV Reporter Troy Kless: https://www.kens5.com/article/news/local/texas/rail-train-expansion-texas-san-antonio-transportation-money-construction/273-4f444ffc-0312-4070-a423-2b50d2bf9ae2