June 7, 2018 - ttnews.com -

In Texas, Sherman-Denison Metropolitan Planning Organization officials expect to present the draft version of a regional freight corridor plan later this summer.
These efforts to map and outline the major freight networks across Texoma come as Texas works to draft its own statewide freight plan, and a portion U.S. Highway 75 was designated as a major freight corridor for the region.
In mid-May, SDMPO held a meeting with area industries, stakeholders, consultants and Cambridge Systematics, which is drafting the plan, to discuss the needs, strengths and weaknesses of area freight infrastructure. Through that plan, SDMPO Executive Director Clay Barnett said he wants to learn what his organization and regional leaders can do to make the region more attractive to the freight industry.
“There were a lot of ideas thrown out there, and they were ranked during the meeting,” Barnett said. “The consultants will be taking those ideas and comments back for review.”
Barnett said the final draft of the freight plan will likely come back for local review and input sometime this September.
Among the concerns that were raised during the discussion was an inability for some area industries to get freight rail access. While rail and air are included in the freight plan, Barnett said there has not been a lot of discussion with representatives from the rail sector.
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