December 22, 2019 - TRA Newswire -

From a Texas Capitol transportation update to the CEO of the company building Texas' high speed rail project, the Southwestern Rail Conference will bring together the public and private sector to discuss important rail issues on January 23-24 in Dallas.

Texas State Representatives Matt Krause (Fort Worth) and Celia Israel (Austin) will discuss transportation issues at the Friday luncheon during the annual rail conference  along with Texas Rail Advocates Capitol Advisor Mackenna Wehmeyer.  Carlos F. Aguilar, President and CEO of Texas Central will be joined by Paul Waby, Rail Systems Director, to describe what the largest infrastructure project in Texas in decades involves for connecting Dallas and Houston. DC-based Rail Passengers Association CEO Jim Mathews will look at what Congress might do during the 2020 Passenger Rail Authorization process. Other presentations will look at how states can obtain federal funding for rail projects, how an industrial rail park has brought economic strength to Temple, Texas and if autonomous trains are in our future.

Early Bird registration prices will end soon and attendees are encouraged to register now. Complete details can be found at