October 22, 2022 - TRA Newswire - 

Hibernation mode. That's how one rail source describes current activity at Texas Central, the private company that is building the high-speed rail ine between Dallas and Houston. 

The railroad recently paid off back property taxes in seven counties while still staying radio silent following the departure of its CEO, Carlos Aguilar, earlier in the year. Not much news has transpired since a ruling earlier this year from the Texas Supreme Court. That ruiling affirmed Texas Central was indeed a railroad under state law and had authority to purchase land under eminent domain law for its 240-mile long North Texas to Houston bullet train line. 

"Texas Central accomplished an amazing amount of work to date on such a complex project", according to Texas Rail Advocates President Peter LeCody. "They received Federal Railroad Administration approval for ther route and jumped through many federal and state hoops. Our hope is that now, with internal reorganization, they can concentrate on arranging financing and go to the Surface Transportation Board for final approvals. Between a two year setback due to Covid, the state Supreme Court battle over land use and surviving a barrage of bills filed by state lawmakers, they are so close to the goal line."

On behalf of some residents and landowners, a Dallas law firm recently fired off a letter to Texas Central that demanded to know the status of the project. The attorney said the nearby residents and landowners had 20 questions in need of answers. If answers were not forthcoming, there could be a threat to depose Texas Central under what is called Rule 202. The complainants wanted to know if the project would happen or not and were tired of being in limbo.

Texas Central did not reply to the threat.

A spokesperson said previously they are still working on details of the project.