October 9, 2021 - TRA Opinion -

In the 2021 session Texas Legislators listened and overwhelmingly supported new legislation (HJR 99) giving Texans an opportunity to empower their counties to make local infrastructure and transportation funding a priority.

On this November’s ballot, Texans will vote on Proposition 2, which will allow counties to dedicate additional infrastructure and transportation funding and keep Texans safe on the road while reducing time spent in traffic. Proposition 2 gives counties the same ability to build much needed infrastructure and transportation projects that cities and towns already have.

Here's the good news: Proposition 2 does not raise any taxes or fees and not a single penny goes to toll roads.

You've asked for more local control of infrastructure and transportation  improvements and Prop 2 will allow counties to do just that with Transportation Reinvestment Zones (TRZ's). Learn more about TRZ's here: https://www.txdot.gov/government/programs/trz.html 

Reinvestment zones are a popular financial vehicle used to rebuild neighborhoods and promote development and can be used to spur passenger rail service in cities that are looking for alternatives to traffic jams like regional and commuter rail projects. It's a more palatable way to pay for rail than raising taxes and fees.

Lets get behind Prop 2 and vote YES.

Early voting starts Monday, October 18 so click here for your reminder to vote YES on Proposition 2.  Election day is Tuesday, November 2.