October 27, 2020 - transportationtodaynews.com -

Austin voters will decide on two ballot measures on Nov. 3, one that will ask voters to approve a tax increase for a high-capacity transit expansion project, and another on the issuance of  $460 million in bonds to pay for transportation infrastructure projects.

The Austin City Council voted to put Proposition A before voters to approve the local initial investment of $7.1 billion for the comprehensive transit project that would include new rail lines, improved bus service with an all-electric bus fleet, and a downtown transit tunnel.

Project Connect incorporates a planned light rail system that will include 27 miles of service and 31 stations. Investments would be made in the Orange Line that connects North and South Austin; the Blue Line with service offered to Austin Bergstrom International Airport; and the Green Line with new commuter rail service. In addition, the city has proposed light rail service that travels underground in downtown Austin, which is expected to increase the travel time reliability and be safer than operating at street level.

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