October 18, 2022 - TRA Newswire - 

If you see a number of bright and shiny locomotives around North Texas sporting the distinctive CN logo from Canadian National Railroad, they're not lost and looking for their home tracks. CN is having 50 of their workhorse diesels remanufactured at the Wabtec Fort Worth faciity at Alliance.  

The Wabtec plant recently turned out the first of 50 locomotives with new, rebuilt and upgraded technology.  For much less than a cost of a new locomotive, Wabtec is reworking the CN engines to give them more pulling power, better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

“By modernizing some of our locomotives, we are maximizing the investment and performance of our existing fleet,” according to CN Chief Operating Officer Rob Reilly.  “The improved capabilities and power of these modernized locomotives will enable us to efficiently move more freight, while also reducing our emissions and environmental footprint.”

With an aging North American locomotive fleet, the remanufacturing market has become a huge part of Wabtec's business. The Canadian National AC44C6M motive power getting a makeover is joined by locomotives from Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific being upgraded at the Fort Worth plant. Even locomotives from Fortescue Metals Group, an Australian mining company, were shipped over to undergo advanced technology.

The facility on the north side of Fort Worth will be remanufacturing some 525 AC4400 and AC6000 series locos from Union Pacific as well as 75 Dash 9's. Norfolk Southern will be sending 330 of their Dash 9-44CW's to the factory.  A round of various CSX units will be on their way to Wabtec in the near future. 

Once completed, Wabtec said that the locomotives will be able to haul up to 55% more weight, increase reliability by aout 30% and use almost 17% less fuel in the process.

Photo credit: Wabtec